We are Saturasi Studio, a creative studio that will actualize your visual
imagination in the form of videography, photography, and branding.

There are always colors in every visual. Each color consists of Hue and Saturation. Hue reflects your needs, and Saturation is us who can comply to your needs.

Our principles are to be able to perfect and adjust to your expectations and demands, open to new ideas, and to have a life-long learning value, so that we will always be ready to accept new challenges.

Consisting of a special team engaged in the field of creative visuals and content creators, we have a vision to explore and enhance the strength of your brand effectively and efficiently through a digital platform.

What We Do


We produce high-quality video with the storyline that we design and create to deliver your marketing values in an appealing way that fits your brand’s audience target.

  • Profile Video
  • Animation Video
  • Short Movie & Viral Video
  • Event Documentation

What We Do


Visuals are the best media to deliver messages and touch one’s emotions and mind. We believe a picture can convey a story that you might not be able to tell.

  • Profile
  • Catalog & Digital
  • Event Documentation

What We Do


By combining strategic thinking, efficiency, and creative execution, we deliver impressive and memorable results to your target audience.

  • Design
  • Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Content & Management
  • Graphic Standard Manual

Our Team

Executive Producer

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Creative Director

Plan a project and guide the creative team (copywriter, graphic designer, photographer, etc.) from the beginning to the end, including monitoring the creative processes and the execution when the production takes place.

Production & Unit Manager

In the digital platform nowadays, a combination of visual and story is the main attraction in conveying information of your brand to the audience.

Graphic Designer

Deliver digital content messages through graphic design in an interesting, informative, and efficient way.

Copywriter & Content Planner

Making a story with sentences is not an easy task, but if we can do it in the right way, the audience will fall in love with the brand, and moreover will not hesitate to build relationships with the brand.

Photographer & Videographer

The digital platform relies heavily on attractive visual content. We can help on educating and informing the audience about your brand’s values in an effective way.

Our Works

CORE Corpus Tutorial

Lovamil Product Knowledge

Bank Indonesia Rakornas 2017

Bank Indonesia PIHPS Tutorial

Bank Indonesia TPID Awards 2015

Bank Indonesia Rakornas 2016

Bank Indonesia PIHPS

Bank Indonesia Pengaturan Dokumen

Bank Indonesia Kaleidoskop

Bank Indonesia Big Data

Bank Indonesia 3COTS

Commune Space Video Profile

Commune Space Christmas Theme

Oscar Lawalata Video Profile

PT Prima Garda Teknologi Video Profile

BI Profile Pulau 1000

50th Years Sekar Group

PUMA DoYou Fairmont Event Documentation

PUMA evoPower Launch Event Documentation

PUMA evoPower Event Documentation

Sekolah Quantum Inti Indonesia Event Documentation

PUMA DoYou x Guavapass Event Documentation

PUMA Run The Street Event Documentation

Isuzu Documentation

Chevrolet Event Documentation

Corpus Sekuritas – Promo Video

The Body Shop – Glossy Make Up

The Body Shop – Multimasking

The Body Shop – Swatches Down to Earth

The Body Shop – Amazonian

The Body Shop – Brows Sculpt Tutorial

The Body Shop – Drop of Youth

PUMA DoYou – Kelly Tandiono

Run The Street – Anthem

Run The Street – Teza Sumendra

Run The Street – Alvin

Run The Street – Jiwa

Run The Street – Tristan


FKG Moestopo Sumpah Dokter

Axis – Mudah Pake 4G

Tropicana Slim


HiLO Teen

Blue Bird eVoucher

Air Asia Enaknya Tinggal Pilih